Command Block

This action allows the user to configure gimbal control or trim the radio controller.



This action is disabled by default when Veronte is started. To activate it, the user have to run the action.

When this action is triggered, the gimbal control is enabled. There are several control modes that are explained below.

Veronte Configuration - Action – Gimbal

Action – Gimbal

  • Delta: control using NED axis, defining the initial position through azimuth and elevation.

  • Vector body: this control uses aircraft body axis. The initial position is defined through roll and tilt.

  • Custom Axis: in this case the axis should have been defined in Arcade Axis.

  • Location: the gimbal will point towards the projection on the ground at the specified point.

  • Manual: gimbal control is done externally, e.g. via VCP commands.


This action trims the radio controller, i.e sets as zero the current sticks positions.

Veronte Configuration - Action – Arcade Trim

Action – Arcade Trim

  • Update the arcade trim values: if this option si checked, the stick is trimmed but not saved in the configuration. This means that if Veronte is restarted the trimming is lost.

  • Save the arcade trim values calculated: trim values are stored for future flights.