The common way to work with Veronte is to create missions. Missions can be created and managed though the Mission menu. To access this menu, click on logo000 at the upper left corner and select Mission in the pull-down menu. The Mission toolbar will appear as shown at the image below:

Mission - Mission Menu Access

Mission toolbar menu access

The mission toolbar provides graphical tools to create the path that the aircraft follows while it is in cruise phase. Multiple missions can be created for different purposes. The missions generated are stored into the Autopilot Air unit and into the Operation folder of the PDI configuration files when exported.

Next, a detailed description of the toolbar is given. And an example of how to set up a mission will be given in the following section.


Mission - Mission Toolbar

Mission toolbar

The controls found in the toolbar are detailed in the following table.

Icon Item Description
logo1 Open Detail Displays Terrain and Marks configuration.
logo2 Colours Line colour.
logo3 New Waypoint Add new waypoint on click position.
logo4 Segment Add a straight line.
logo5 New Orbit Add a orbit.
logo6 Fly By Tool to adapt straight path corners into turns.
logo7 Intersect Lines Undoes the Fly-by command.
logo8 Multiple Choice Selection tool.
logo9 Event Mark Add a mark to trigger an event.
logo10 Obstacle Add an obstacle signal the aircraft has to avoid.
logo11 New Polygon Draw areas on the map for association with polygon events.
logo12 Circular Area Draw a circular area on the map. For association with polygon events.
logo13 References Create points of reference.
logo14 Mapping Predefined tasks helper: Search & Rescue, Photogrametry,…
logo15 Import Route Import NMEA route configuration.
logo16 Export Route Export to a .kml or a .csv file the route created.
logo17 Ruler Measure on map.
logo18 Remove Unused Points Removes unused points