Main Interface

Workspace on Veronte Pipe is distributed as shown in the following figure.

Workspace Main Interface

Workspace Main Interface

Each section has the following functions:

  1. Main Display: Displays a selectable background map or a plain colour together with the most important mission data. To change it visit Map Display

  2. Main Menu:

    • User: Manage user preferences.
    • Cloud: Provides access to the Cloud options.
    • Workspace: Select the way flight information is displayed.
    • Mission: Create and edit missions.
    • Log: View operation data log and introduce custom events.
    • Post Flight: Tools for recorded data analysis.
    • Preferences: Configure Pipe and Veronte autopilot.
    • License: Manage license preferences.
    • Manual: Shows help information available.
  3. Veronte Panel: Veronte information and telecommand buttons.

  4. Veronte Position: Veronte location on the map.

  5. Mission: Defined mission on Veronte.

  6. Telemetry: Configurable drag & drop flight information displays.

  7. Side Panel: Shows linked Veronte information.