Setup Toolbar

To display Veronte Setup Toolbar, when the autopilot is connected or an offline configuration is opened, in the side panel, click on Veronte Configurtion - More options icon and then click Setup. This toolbar allows the user to modify the main features of the Veronte Units.

Veronte Configurtion - Setup Toolbar
Veronte Configurtion - Setup Toolbar

Setup Toolbar

The different elements of the setup toolbar are detailed in the following table.

Icon Item Description
Veronte icon Veronte Introduce Veronte information.
Veronte Configurtion - Connections icon Connections Configure I/O connections on Veronte.
Veronte Configurtion - Devices icon Devices Configure any connected devices: servo, radio, camera…
Veronte Configurtion - Control icon Control Introduce control variables and phase configuration.
Veronte Configurtion - Navigation icon Navigation Configure navigation parameters on the system.
Veronte Configurtion - Automation icon Automation Configure automatic actions on event detection (go home, change phase…).
Veronte Configurtion - Variables icon Variables Customize variable names and traffic: log, telemetry…
Veronte Configurtion - Panel icon Panel Configure Veronte Panel layout.
Veronte Configurtion - HIL icon HIL Configure parameters for Xplane Simulator.
Veronte Configurtion - Programs icon Programs Customize algorithms executed by Veronte.
Veronte Configurtion - Block PDIFs icon Block PDIFs Block user control in PDI configuration.

Each option will be explained in detail in the next sections.