Here the user can configure the Input/Output ports of the autopilot. Veronte Autopilots have 68 pins, which are shown on the Pipe menu Setup -> Connections – see the Figure below. When selecting a port its pin is displayed on the panel.

Veronte Configurtion - Setup – Connections – GND Pins Displayed

Setup – Connections – GND Pins Displayed

To know about a particular pin’s colour scheme, the user shoulg click the button on the top right corner above the 68 pin connector picture – see the Figure below.

Veronte Configurtion - Connection 68 Pin Colour Scheme

Connection 68 Pin Colour Scheme


The colour code is referred to the single Veronte. For 4x Veronte refer to 4x Hardware Installation.

4x Hardware Installation – Electrical .

Finally, depending on the configurable port selected the user will need to provide different parameters. The following table shows the type of connections available for configuration in Veronte Autopilot.

Field Description
ADC Analog-to-Digital Converter.
Arbiter-SuC Safety micro controller
CAN Configurable Controller Area Network bus A & B.
GPIO/EQEP Enhanced Quadrature Encoder Pulse Input.
GPIO Veronte input/output signals.
I2C I2C (Inter-Integrated Circuit) bus.
PWM Pulse Width Modulation configuration.
Serial Configurable Serial ports RS232 & RS485.

Each connection is associated with a specific pin number. For more details see the section Hardware Installation – Electrical .