Segment - New Segment tool

New Segment tool

Segment - New Segment

New Segment

To create a new segment, click on logo4 first. Then, select in the map the point where you want the segment to start. To finish the track click first the left button and then the right button. You can concatenate two or more segments clicking on several points in the maps with the left button, as you can see in the picture below:

Segment - Concatenated Segments with one waypoint below ground level.

Concatenated Segments with one waypoint below ground level

To delete a segment, remove one of the waypoints of its extremes. You can modify the concatenated segments moving the waypoint between them or create circular paths clicking and dragging the middle point of the path.


When you create a segment, you have to be careful with the height of the waypoints. Please, remember to check their altitude. If some of them are under the ground altitude indicated by the meshes, the segment will change its colors to red. To resolve this, change the altitude of the waypoints clicking on them twice.