RTCM functionality provides precise positioning trough NTRIP (Networked Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol). This protocol is a standard for streaming differential GPS (DGPS) data over the Internet.


RTCM activation requires from a previous registration in one of the NTRIP stream providers available. Select the stream provider according to the location of your operation. Some examples of NTRIP providers are IGS.IP or EUREF.

Once registered, you will receive the following data from the NTRIP provider: URL, Port, User, Password


In order to activate precise positioning functionality in Veronte, NTRIP user data must be loaded in THE Veronte Autopilot. Go to the Setup menu in the Veronte Autopilot unit (Setup - Devices - Sensors - GNSS - NTRIP) and follow these steps:

  1. Enable NTRIP

  2. Enter NTRIP server data and user as follows

NTRIP - Configuration Menu

NTRIP - Configuration Menu

  1. Click on the Lens Icon for connecting to the server

  2. From the displayed list select the desired stream and click on select.

NTRIP - Stream List

NTRIP - Stream List


  • The system is compatible with RTCM protocol 2.3. Compatible streams are marked with Check. It is recommended to select a virtual stream covering the area of operation.

  • RTCM positioning requires an internet connection.