I2C Devices

The I2C bus allows the connection of several devices with different addresses to the same line. In our case, Veronte allows up to 5 Lidar devices to be connected to the system.

The configuration menu can be seen below:

I2C - Configuration Menu

I2C - Configuration Menu

After enabling the needed number of Lidar devices, configurable parameters are:

  • Type of Lidar. Veronte is compatible with Garmin Lidar Lite v3 and SF11 Lidar.

  • Address. With an accepted value between 16 - 239, this is the origin address from the lidar being configured.

  • Digital filter. nables a low pass filter which its cutoff frequency is configured manually, allowing the user to input any desired value in Hz. It is a software filter.

The Lidar number need to be kept in order to properly configure the Altimeter menu afterwards in Setup - Devices - Sensors - Altimeter.