In this section, a series of different examples will be presented in order to improve the understanding that the final user will have of Veronte Pipe.

The different topics cover in this section are:

  • Configurations: it will be explained how to configure some different platforms in Veronte Pipe, starting with the servo trimming process and the creation of the mission phases of a simple flight operation.

  • Automations: this section will be focused on the creation of the common automations that are used for operating a UAV. Presenting this ones will make it easier for the user to develop its own automations for more specific operations.

  • Stick configuration: this section shows how to configure completely a new joystick.

  • Lidar integration: in the lidar section is explained how to set the settings of the Altimeter using the analogic port.

  • Autotune: the complete example of the autotune configuration and operation.

  • 4G Communication: Steps to configure 4G communication with Veronte Autopilots.