USB joystick integration

Adding a joystick

Veronte Pipe is able to detect USB devices such as joysticks. The buttons and axis of these devices can be read and configured to send stick information to Veronte Autopilot.

  1. Connect your USB device to the computer and open Veronte Pipe.

  2. Go to Preferences/General in Veronte Pipe. The USB device will be automatically detected and displayed.

    Examples - joystick-general

    Joystick device

Clicking eye the readings of the USB device channels will be visualized.

Examples - Usb device channels

Usb device channels

Defining a virtual stick

Once the usb device is recognized:

  1. Add a virtual Stick: On the workspace window, select new, telecommand and then stick.

    Examples - Josytick workspace menu

    Josytick workspace menu

    Examples - Josytick widget

    Josytick widget

  2. Assign a USB device channel to a stick input variable.

    1. For each axis specify which channel will be considered by choosing one of the channels listed.

    2. Select “Configure joystick” and follow the instructions.

  3. Verify that the movement of the virtual stick is associated with the movement of the USB device.

  4. Check that the stick input variables are changing with the movement of the virtual stick. i.e for channel 1, stick input r1.


The virtual stick will be active by clicking on the antenna button.

Examples - Virtual stick state

Virtual stick state


It is recommended disabling the axis that are not used.


A virtual stick can command on the same channels as a physical stick box. Make sure that the channels are not interfering to each other.