Quick Start

This quick start guide provides the necessary information to have Veronte Autopilot set up and functional to operate its mission.

Quick Start - Veronte 4.5

Veronte 4.5

This guide covers the following points:

  • First steps: veronte autopilot connections and software installation.

  • HIL simulation: how to perform a simulation with an existing configuration using veronte autopilot.

  • Internal radio module pairing: how to pair of the ground segment (GND) and onboard (AIR) autopilots.

  • Outputs configuration: how to calibrate the sevos for a good control of the surfaces/devices that determine the attitude of the platform.

  • Transmitter: how to set up an external transmitter to control the vehicle when necessary.

  • Pre-flight checklist: set of sensors, communications, and other events that should be verified before starting the mission.