This menu allows the user to configure a Gimbal Camera or a Tracker Antenna. From here the user only needs to define the movements the system has (from predefined combinations of Pan, Tilt and Roll), its logic, a distance vector and the number of systems connected (up to a maximum of 2).

Gimbal/Tracker Menu - Configuration Parameters

Gimbal/Tracker Menu - Configuration Parameters

  • Type. Defines the angles that Veronte will be controlling from the payload system from a Combination of Pan (Z axis, the same as Yaw), Tilt (Y axis, the same as Pitch) and Roll. The three options are as seen below:

    • Pan & Tilt.

    • Pan, Roll & Tilt.

    • Roll & Tilt.

  • Logic. Defines the kind of payload system configured.

    • Conventional gimbal. This option writes over the variables Joint 1-3 Gimbal 1-3 which are used later to configure the control and stabilization of the camera from Veronte.

    • Self-stabilized gimbal. The payload system only needs movement inputs and the variables mentioned will have no output.

  • Base to gimbal Vector. Defines the vector thats joins the Veronte Autopilot controlling the payload system and the payload system itself, in Veronte body axes.

  • Arcade. Configures the Arcade control of the payload system. For a new variable to be controlled, click on the top right “+” icon.

    • Var. Displays the variable over which the Arcade control will have its effect.

    • Gain. Value which multiplies the Var. to obtain the control value.

    • DBand X. Creates a non-effect area in which the Joystick won’t input control values. DBand X is applied to both left and right on the X axis. Value used to stop the stick from inputting control when at rest.

    • DBand Y. Same as DBand X but applied to the Y axis.

    • Max. Defines a maximum value for the control output. Useful if it has been defined a big Gain.

Gimbal/Tracker Menu - Configuration Parameters

Gimbal/Tracker Arcade - Configuration Parameters

Any further configuration will strongly depend on the payload system selected and its control signals. Check the manuals section for Veronte Gimbal manual as a reference.