Test Stick

This menu is used to generate stick inputs that are introduced in the system. This is a way to check how the system behaves when a stick commands enters in the autopilot. For each channel, the user can set a continuos movement formed for example by a sine wave, spike-like funcion or a rectangular function. There are a set of parameters to be modified for the signals.

Test Stick - Configuration Parameters

Test Stick - Configuration Parameters

  • Minimum & Maximum: limit values that will be sent to the system for the stick test.

  • Period: function period.

  • Show on the checklist: configured parameters can be shown on the checklist in order to test the system prior to change flight phase - more information on Checklists. To activate the automatic movement, activate the virtual stick configured - see Workspace - Widgets - Stick.


This test should be performed carefully if control surfaces/devices are engaged because the stick input should be carefully defined.