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System Overview - Veronte System Overview

Veronte System Overview

Veronte Pipe software is designed to operate any unmanned vehicle using Veronte as the onboard autopilot. With Veronte Pipe, users have an easy-to-use application with real-time response and telemetry with safety features.

It has been developed using software standard model of IEEE STD 830-1998, Recommended Practice for Software Requirements Specifications (SRS) and STANAG 4671 documentation, subpart about UAV Control Stations adapted to Veronte system.

Veronte Pipe includes:

  • Telemetry: Real-time onboard UAV metrics, such as sensors, actuators and control states.

  • Telecommand: Support for all synchronous operator control commands that can be sent to the flight segment, e.g. operational mode switch, mission management, payload control.

  • Mission design: User defined, predefined mapping and drop missions configuration as well as inflight mission edit .

  • Mission analysis: Post-flight viewer, reproduce all recorded data from a previous flights and generate plots and reports.

  • Configuration: Edit vehicle settings, such as servo trim, interface/port management, modes and automations.

  • Multiple Users: One or more operators can work simultaneously .