Hardware Installation

Hardware Installation - Veronte Kit

Veronte Autopilot Kit

This section provides the information about the Hardware of Veronte Autopilots. The content includes enclosure and mating connectors references, general informations about electrical connections and Veronte specifications.

Veronte is the main element in our Flight Control System for UAS. As shown in the following diagram, Veronte AP is used both in the ground segment (GND) and onboard (AIR).

Hardware Installation - System Overview

System Overview

Veronte includes the required electronics and sensors in order to be able to properly execute all the needed functions for the UAS control. A Veronte-based FCS consists of the following components:

  • Veronte AIR - It executes GNC algorithms in real time in order to accomplish the planned mission and handle the payload.

  • Veronte GND - Link between Veronte Pipe and the AIR Units. It supports manual and arcade modes with conventional joysticks, it’s capable to control a directional antenna in order to expand the maximum range and it can be equipped with external physical interfaces in order to operate the system without Veronte Pipe.

  • Veronte Pipe - Software dedicated to mission planning, configuration and operation. It allows the user to monitor the connected UAS in real time, to interact with them and to replay previous missions for post-flight analysis.