Simulation - Simulations

This section of the manual presents the three possible ways to simulate using Veronte System:

  • Hardware In the Loop simulation (HIL): This kind of simulation shows Veronte Pipe software performing as it does during a real operation. Meanwhile running the simulation Veronte Autopilot “thinks” it is flying, taking simulator input as real sensor data. The whole flight is controlled by Veronte Autopilot in the virtual environment, making it the perfect tool for vehicle development and for training in the use of Veronte Autopilot.

  • Software In the Loop simulation (SIL): The software in the loop simulation consists in the creation of a Simulink model that simulates the behaviour of the system formed by the autopilot and platform, without having the physical devices connected to the computer, in contrast to the HIL which has both the autopilot and platform connected to the PC. The SIL allows the user to simulate faster than real time, which allows the user to simulate a system several times.

  • 3-D Simulation: When Veronte Air is flying, it is possible to connect the system with X-Plane simulator through the 3-D Simulator. In this way, the user can see a virtual reproduction of the flight in real time and use it in a FPV-like mode.