The menu found in Devices -> Veronte -> Attitude (see the Figure below) allows the user to define the orientation of the autopilot with respect to the platform once it is installed. Aircraft axes are defined according to international aviation convention. Veronte axes are drawn on the autopilot’s external case as defined in the Hardware Installation.

Veromte Configuration - Setup Veronte Orientation

Veronte Attitude Menu

The menu consists in:

  1. Distance to the center of mass in aircraft body frame.

    The autopilot’s distance to the centre of mass must be defined. This distance is entered in meters and accordingly to aircraft axes. This information is used to take into account the moment produced by the weight of the autopilot.

  2. Orientation.

    It is not compulsory to install the autopilot aligned with the aircraft axes. In order to indicate the autopilot’s relative position inside the platform, select the advanced option. A matrix relating vehicle axes and autopilot axes is needed to be filled in.

    The case of a non-orthogonal installation can be covered. If a simple rotation is introduced, for example, the autopilot’s case having its \(x\) axis directed to the right wing (\(y\)- vehicle) the matrix should be completed as follows:

    Veromte Configuration - Setup Veronte Orientation Advanced

    Veronte Advanced Orientation