CAN Telemetry

Interactions between system variables and CAN variables are managed from the telemetry configuration. In this section the following elements can be configured:

  • TX Ini: used to configure transmitted messages that are only sent once at the beginning of the operation

  • TX: used to configure transmitted messages through CAN bus.

  • RX: used to configure the interaction between the variables read from the CAN bus and the variables of the system i.e, how they are stored.

Veronte Configuration - CAN – Telemetry

CAN – Telemetry

TX Messages

Veronte Configuration - CAN – Telemetry - TX

CAN – Telemetry - TX

In order to add a message to be sent press “+” and a new element will be added into the panel.

  • EXT: enables the frame format with 29 identifier bits.

  • ID: identifier 11 or 29-bits (Extended), used to identify TX messages. The value set has to be decimal as it was written on Configuration.

  • Period: time in seconds between TX messages delivery.

  • Button 1: open a new window to configure the endianness of the message, which indicates how the bytes that it contains are written:

    • Big endian: set the value from left to right

    • Little endian: set the value from right to left

    • Mixed endian: Any devices have this format. If you need to configure, please contact us.

    Veronte Configuration - CAN – Telemetry – RX Endianess

    CAN – Telemetry – RX Endianess

  • Button 2: displays the menu to configure how the bits of the message are divided and sent.

There are six different elements that can be added when setting up a CAN message: Variable, Checksum, Matcher, Skip, Parce Ascii and Position.

Veronte Configuration - CAN – Telemetry – RX Message Confguration

CAN – Telemetry – RX Message Confguration

RX Messages

Once a message is “captured” by Pipe (tab Configuration) and stored in the mailbox, its information can be read and saved in the software. To perform that, press “+” to create a new message and follow the steps explained for TX Messages, except by Period which is exclusive for TX.