Update Onboard Software

To display the Update dialogue click on Veronte Configuration - More options button icon and choose Advanced – Update on the side menu.

Veronte Configuration - Advanced - Update Menu

Advanced - Update Menu

Veronte Configuration - Update Veronte Autopilot

Update Veronte Autopilot

The different parameters to configure when updating the onboard software are detailed here:

  • System image: here is where the version to be updated is selected. For instance, using Pipe 5.22 the onboard version will be 5.22.X (with ‘X’ being the last option available). If the .update file is stored in the computer it can be uploaded by clicking on the folder icon.

  • Configuration: this option is used to decide which configuration will be loaded when the update process ends. There are different options: migrate will keep the current configuration for the new version and the folder icon will display the Import Configurations.