Safe Mode

Whenever there is an issue with connection, powering or configuration, the unit enters in Safe Mode and the following window is displayed.

Safe Mode

Safe Mode

The options available are:

  • Exit Safe Mode. The Veronte tries to initialise again in order to exit Safe Mode.

  • Change setup: this option is used to load a configuration file into Veronte. The user has to select a configuration file, once selected a new window will be displayed in Veronte Pipe showing the version and identification of the configuration file and the autopilot where the file is going to be loaded.

Veronte Configuration - Safe Mode

Upload Configuration - Safe Mode

With this tool, the configuration file is loaded directly on the autopilot. Now Pipe is only a tool to load the file from the computer to the autopilot and the configuration parameters will not be shown in the software window before being loaded on the autopilot.

  • Update: this option allows the user to Update the Veronte Unit, this is explained in Update Onboard Software.

  • Retry: the unit will try to boot again.