The Smooth menu establish the parameters for the smoothing of the aircraft trajectory when changing from a phase to another, i.e to go from the final point of a phase to the start of the new one.

There are two different ways to smooth the path:

  • Line creates a linear track between the two points of the smoothed trajectory being possible only to set the position of the start and final points.

  • OGH creates a cubic curve where is possible to set the position and velocity that the aircraft will have at those points.

Veronte Configuration - Smooth Configuration Menu

Smooth Configuration Menu

The other options that appear in this menu are parameters to limit when the smooth will be used or not.

  • The first one establish the minimum velocity at which the smooth will start working,

  • The second one is the minimum distance between the start and final points of the trajectory to begin with the smoothing.

  • The last option is the minimum time between points to use smooth, considering that the aircraft flies at the current speed.

All these options are safety features to avoid a malfunction of the system when the final and start points of the phases are close to each other.