Menu to configure the flight envelope of the aircraft. Here are set the limits that will not be exceeded during the operation.

Veronte Configuration - Envelope


  • Stall speed: lower limit for the aircraft velocity. Below this level, the aircraft is not able to create enough lift to keep the flight and starts to fall. The value indicated here has effect over the “Cruise” guidance, but is overrided if there is a Hold command on the IAS, so the user must be careful with the velocity commands.

  • Speed: minimum ground speed of the platform. In case of strong wind, these parameters set the minimum GS that the aircraft can reach, for lower values than this one the thrust will be automatically increased to gain speed and avoid a point where the platform is stopped in the air.

  • VTOL: this option is used to limit the maximum upwards and downwards velocities in the case of multicopters.

  • FPA: maximum and minimum values for the flight path angle (angle of climb or descent).

With the last VerontePipe update (from v2.11.1) is possible to insert multiple envelopes (useful for hybrid configurations for example). The change between envelopes can be performed using Automations.

Veronte Configuration - Multiple envelope configuration

Multiple envelope configuration