Antenna Kit F - DT 2.4 GHz Parabolic

  1. Mount the omnidirectional antenna reading the Omnidirectional Antenna section.

  2. Fit the 4 grids with the protrusions.


They must fit as next figure indicates:

  1. Screw the 4 pieces with twelve screws M5x15 and their corresponding nuts.


Screwing one of four sides

  1. Screw the horn to the grids with two screws M5x15 and their corresponding nuts.


5. Place the parabollic antenna on the T28, so the two upper screws on the T28 are inserted into the antenna. It can be placed with 90 degrees angle in case of desiring to change the polarity direction. This direction is indicated by an arrow on the antenna.


Placing antenna


Fitting antenna


Turned 90 degrees

  1. Fix the Parabolic Grid Antenna with the two female knobs.

  1. Screw two male knobs on the other two holes.

  1. Connect the parabolic antenna to SMA port RF2 and the omnidirectional antenna to RF3.