Quick Start


First of all, it is necessary to connect the PCS Harness to the PCS itslef. Then, by pressing the switch of the PCS Harness for 2 sec the system will turn on and the light will shine blue.


On / off switch

To turn T28 off, the button shall be pressed for 2 sec (until the blue light turns off).

The button delay is implemented to avoid unwished disconnections.


Do not forget to turn off the system after use.

T28 Placement

  • Make sure T28 is placed in an open area to avoid screening, reflection and interference due to terrain or landscape elements.

  • Make sure there is clearance around the antenna movement radius.

  • Lay cables away from traverse areas.


  • Make sure not to put people or objects in the radius of movement of the antenna, it may cause damage.

  • The distance between T28 and other radio modules must be at least 5m to establish communications

  • Guarantee that no obstacles will interrupt the LOS (Line Of Sight) radiolink.

  • Do not break warranty seals. Please contact Embention’s support team before doing it.

  • Keep the PCS in a position where the GPS antenna is facing to the free sky for a better satellite view.

  • Avoid shocks during transportation or operation, some of the components could suffer damage.

  • Polarizacion can be horizontal or vertical and it is aligned with the direction of the antenna. The polarization of T28 antenna should be the same as the polarization of the receiver, then adjust the T28 antenna according to its corresponding polarization direction.


Do not forget to connect RF antennas before powering up!!!!


  • Personal computer.

  • Control station: Veronte PCS.

  • Software: depending on the PCS employed.

    • Veronte Pipe for PCS with version 6.4 or lower.

    • Veronte Link, 1x PDI Builder and Veronte Ops for PCS with version 6.8 or higher.