Veronte T28 is a high-performance tracking antenna specifically designed for most demanding applications. Antenna kits for T28 include directional and omnidirectional antennas. Both antennas are used to obtain the best operational performance. The omnidirectional antenna is used for short-range operations and the directional one for tracking the vehicle when it operates at high distances, so the T28 points to the aircraft in real-time movement, operating at long range and not moving at short range.

The system can install any directional antenna for maximizing system operation capabilities. Embedded control actuators and installed encoders permits to automatically point to the antenna with unique precision. Height and orientation given to the antenna makes the device perfect for long range operations.

Suitable for: UAVs, UASs, RPASs, UGVs, USVs and any other moving systems.

The platform is prepared to install different kind of antennas for video and data-link communications. Patch, yagi and parabolic grid antennas can be used within the system for best operational performance. Tripod is also interchangeable and custom tripods can be adapted.