Maintenance mode


Maintenance mode tab

Maintenance mode is the main troubleshooting tool that Veronte puts at the user disposal. While in Maintenance mode, all communication channels are enabled by default, so it is possible to connect with Veronte through any of its configuration interfaces no matter its current configuration.

While in Maintenance mode, it is possible to perform actions such as force the load of a new configuration file or format the SD card.

The main use of maintanance mode is to solve issues related to the current configuration, mainly related with communication or memory writting issues.

If at some point the communication with Veronte is lost, it is possible to use Maintenance mode to go back to a previous state of the configuration (as long as it was exported previously), format the SD card to start over or update the unit’s firmware.


If you need to recover a recent configuration, but it has been some time since the configuration was manually exported, try using the Post Flight tool to recover your most recent configuration.


It is heavily recommended to always use Maintenance mode to load a new configuration that is very different from the current one.

Entering maintenance mode

Maintenance mode can be entered by clicking the corresponding command, which can be found in Options -> Advaced -> Enter Maintenance mode


Maintenance mode access

Forcing maintenance mode

In the situation that communication is lost with the unit, it is also possible to activate maintenance mode using the power input.

In order to activate Maintenance mode, power cycle the unit repetively, with a period of 1 second.

Maintenance mode will be entered after 30 cycles are performed.

It is also possible that Veronte enters Maintenance mode if a problem with the power source (out of voltage/current range) is detected upon boot up.


Forcing a Veronte PCS unit into maintenance mode can be more difficult than average. For each power cycle, make sure that the Power LED is turned off before turning the unit on again.

Maintenance mode options

The following options are available while in Maintenance mode.

Exit maintenance mode

Exit Maintenance mode and restart the unit.

Remove Encryption

Remove encryption from the unit.

Change setup

Overwrite the current configuration with a new set of files. This option will force the load of the files, now matter if there are PDI errors on the new files.


Update the unit’s firmware.


Retry to boot Veronte system.

SD Loaded With errors

If upon booting, errors are found on Veronte configuration (be it an incorrect configuration or the absence of it), the boot will fail and Veronte will enter the ‘SD loaded with errors’ mode.

Veronte will enter this mode if it detects an ‘Ilegal’ setting within the configuration, that could potentially affect the normal behaviour of Veronte. In order to escape SD loaded with errors mode, load an Older or Default configuration. If the configuration problem is known, it is also possible to use the Try load PDI feature to solve the issue directly.

This mode is very similar to Maintenance mode, but some of the troubleshooting actions are different


SD Loaded with errors tab

Check PDI

Re-attempt the PDI files check.

Try load PDI

Pipe will try to download the configuration from the unit. If the download succeeds, the configuration will be displayed. If the errors in the configuration are found and fixed, it is possible to save the changes and reboot the unit to exit SD loaded with errors mode.

Communications failure

This is not an actual Maintenance mode.

If this warning is displayed, it means that Veronte Pipe detected a Veronte unit, but was not able to stablish communication with it.

The only option available is attempting the connection again.

If unsuccessful, please review that all communication channels are correct and try again.