An event is something that has to be accomplished to trigger the actions. All the events can be combined to create a custom event, using the boolean operations provided by the software (AND,OR, NOT).

When entering a new Event or Action it is possible to choose from one of the previously created on the system or to create a new one.

Veronte Configuration - Automations Panel – Events

Automations Panel – Events

When there is only one event, clicking on the boolean command (1) will create another event linked to the other one according to that operation. Right-clicking on an event and selecting Wrap in allows the creation of an operation as if it was inside brackets, i.e it will be evaluated first. Let’s consider the following event group as an example.

Veronte Configuration - Events


The first operation that is evaluated is the NOT, then the OR between Event2 and the result of the NOT, and finally the AND between Event1 and the result of the OR.

The following table depicts the meaning of each one of the boolean operators.




All events grouped on an AND should be accomplished simultaneously in order to activate the automation.


One of the events in the group should be accomplished for activating the automation.


The event will be active meanwhile the event or event group is not accomplished.

When creating a new event, it possible to select different types of events, these are explained in the next sections.