Feedback Panel

If you’d like to provide us with feedback on future releases, issue report or even team congratulations, please provide us with all possible details about your Veronte experience and we will be happy to listen and to help you.

System Overview - Feedback Panel

Feedback Panel

We have created the tool shown in the previous figure in order to allow the user to directly give us feedback about:

  • Team Congratulations: Give us your positive feedback about your Veronte experience.

  • Suggestion for Next Releases: All your comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • Configuration Support: Your feedback will be sent directly to our configuration team. They will help you with all your configuration troubles.

  • Failure Report: It would be extremely useful to help our developing team reaching all possible information about Veronte System bugs or failures.

System Overview - Feedback Panel Options

Feedback Panel Options

Once the feedback type is selected, the user can add a Description to detail the content. Furthermore, the report can be sent adding the reference to the Veronte Pipe session, which could be the actual one or the one selected from the list. If the user is interested in having an answer directly to his e-mail address, an Email can be inserted in the corresponding field.

When the window is entirely completed and an internet connection is available, it is necessary to click on Send feedback and the report will be sent.