4x Redundant Autopilot - Arbiter


4x Redundant Autopilot


This section makes reference to the Arbiter device in 4x Veronte. For information about 4x Veronte and its hardware please check this section.

4xVeronte Autopilot is a triple redundant version of the Veronte Autopilot. It includes three complete Veronte Autopilot modules together with a dissimilar arbiter for detecting system failures and selecting the module in charge of the control.

All three modules are managed by a dissimilar microprocessor, the Arbiter. The Arbiter works in paralel to the Veronte units, monitors their status, and decides which one has access to the 4x connector based on a scoring algorithm.

The 4x Arbiter also includes a range of extra interfaces including RS232, RS485, GPIO, ADC and CAN, as well as the possibility of connecting a fourth autopilot to the arbitrating system.