File Management

This section explains the management of configuration files. Veronte Pipe allows users to import or export configuration files and Update Veronte Units in the Side Panel.

Veronte Configuration - Side Panel Options

Side Panel Options

The Setup Toolbar of Veronte Pipe contains all the parameters to configure the system, which includes the autopilots (Air and Ground) and the software (Veronte Pipe).

PDI Files

PDIs are Veronte configuration files. This files allows for modular control with improved version management. PDI files are split in two folders. Each folder hold several .xml files:

  • Setup. The Setup folder contains the configuration of the aircraft or vehicle. All the control loops and their parameters, the definition of the flight phases and guidance commands, and the automations defined are stored here.

  • Operation. This folder holds all the files related with the operations defined: waypoints, routes, operative parameters, runaways, etc.

It is recommended to work with a repository for version control so each time the user exports a configuration there is track of the changes done and the saving goes together with a commit message for later revision. Embention offers the possibility to have a tool for version control over a user’s configuration. Check Version Control for more information.

Veronte Configuration - PDI Files management menu

PDI Files management menu