A command involves any external action that causes a change on the system during the operation.

By general rule, commands will never modify Veronte Configuration, which means that any changes made using commands are volatile, and will dissapear once the system is rebooted.

Usual sources of commands are:

  • Operator/Internal Pilot: phase changes, command buttons,…

  • External Pilot: Override command, manual controls…

  • Automatic actions

  • Payloads

The different command types available can be classified in:

  • Veronte Panel: this pannel is the basic Operator tool, and includes the use of Phase changes and Command buttons. These commands are usually triggered with a single click.

Veronte Panel

Veronte Panel

  • Quick commands: these commands are also triggered by the operator, but usually require a couple more steps. Examples of quick actions are internal sensor calibrations and mission detours.

../../_images/goto.PNG Quick commands

Quick commands

  • Additional commands: flight boxes, external flight computers, command widgets, VCP messages, automatic commands,…

Additional commands

Additional commands