Data Source/Sink Blocks

Source/Sink Blocks

Source/Sink Blocks

Source Blocks

Source blocks allow to import into the program any variable available in the system.

Additionally the Const Real/Vector allows to create a constant variable or vector.

Sink Blocks

Sink blocks allow to overwrite any variable in the system.

Variables that can be written using Sink blocks are:

  • User Variables

  • Desired variables (Variables whose name starts with ‘Desired’)


Desired variables are naturally written by Veronte Guidances. If an active Guidance is writting a certain Desired variable, writting it with a Sink block should be avoided.


Using Sink blocks to overwrite System Variables usually results in the change not taking effect, but in some cases could end up causing Veronte to malfunction.

Avoid using Sink blocks to write any variable that does not belong to one of the groups listed above.