CAN Configuration

In this menu, it is possible to modify the Baudrate and the Mailboxes from the CAN bus.

When the user has to configure Veronte to receive data from the CAN Bus, it is mandatory configuring a Mailbox. In order to add a mailbox select (1).

Veronte Configurtion - CAN – Mailboxes

CAN – Mailboxes

Mailboxes are used to save the data received, being possible to configure more than one. Veronte allows up to 32 mailboxes. The options available when adding a new mailbox are:

  • Mailboxes: allows the user to identify a Mailbox with a determined configuration.

  • Extended: frame format with 29 identifier bits.

  • ID: identifier 11 or 29-bits (Extended), used to identify RX messages. The value set has to be decimal.

  • Mask: This filter is configured for reception messages; received data will be stored on mailboxes where message ID coincides with mailbox ID. Mask adds some flexibility on the reception, when comparing message with mailbox data, only the value of binary digits configured as 1 on the mask will be taken into account. (e.g, for a configuration MASK: 11 000 and ID:10 110 all incoming messages addressed to 10 XXX will be received in this mailbox).