Veronte Panel

Veronte Panel is the main tool for operating Veronte. It includes all basic commands and information needed during a standard mission.


Closing the Veronte Panel will hide it for the current workspace. In order to display it again, double click on the unit you want Veronte Panel displayed for.

Veronte Panel

Veronte Panel

  1. Phase selection:

    Display of the existing flight phases. The colour code indicates which phase is currently selected, and also the different phase transitions available.

    • Green: This is the phase currently selected.

    • Blue: This phase can be accessed from the curent phase.

    • Blue (Translucid): This phase can be accessed from the current phase, but only through an Automation

    • Grey: This phase cannot be accessed from the current phase.

    The distribution of phases on the Veronte Panel can be edited in the Panel Menu.


    If no phase is highlighted in Green, then the selected unit is currently in INITIAL Phase

  2. Command Buttons:

    Command buttons can be used to manually trigger certain actions, that can be programmed using Automations

  3. Guidance options:

    Allow the user to interact with phase Guidances

    • The Gear button allows to make changes to the guidance of the Current phase. These changes will only last for the duration of current phase and will dissappear upon phase switch.

    • The eye button allows displaying on the map the route for each phase, even if the phase is not currently selected.

  4. UAV Icon:

    This is the icon that will be used to represent this units’ position on the map. Clicking on it will open the icon menu:

    Icon Menu

    Icon Menu

    1. Icon List: List of available icons

    2. Import Icon: Import a custom icon to veronte Pipe

    3. Icon customization: Choose icon size and the colour of the movement trail

    4. Speed display: Allows to display an arrow indicating speed direction and magnitude

    Speed arrow

    Speed arrow

    1. GNSS Position: Display raw GNSS positions on the map.

  5. Veronte Cloud:

    Indicator of Cloud connection status.

  6. Radiolink status:

    Indicator of radiolink status. The colour of the wifi-g icon represents quality of the link, with green representing a good link connection, then changing to yellow-orange-red as the quality gets worse. Clicking on the wifi-g icon will disable all telecommands to the unit wifi-d.

  7. Center on map:

    Center the map on the unit position

  8. Mission Edit menu:

    Quick access to the mission menu

  9. Quick Commands:

    Open the quick command list.

    Quick commands

    Quick Commands

  10. Flight Mode:

    Displays the current selected flight mode. Clicking on it allows to manually change the selected mode. When a stick is correctly detected, the icon will have a green background y-stick. Otherwise, it will be grey n-stick.