Additional Commands

Other available commands are:

  • Custom & Automatic Commands:

    By using Automations, the user is able to define any kind of command using the actions available in Veronte.

    These commands can be triggered manually (Command buttons on Veronte Panel, physical switches, external devices,…) or automatically (i.e. deploy a parachute if IAS is below stall speed)

  • Stick commands:

    Sticks and Flight boxes allow the configuration of Manual Flight modes. By using Custom Commands it is also possible to map additional actions to switches on the manual control devices, such as Landing gear/Flap position, Lighting toggle, Auto/Manual toggle, Parachute deployment,…

    ../../../_images/stick1.PNG Stick commands

    Stick commands

  • Workspace Command Widgets:

    Command widgets allow to update the values of certain variables in Veronte, that can then be used in flight modes and phases (i.e. Desired Speed, Desired altitude…)

Workspace commands

Workspace commands

  • VCP Commands:

    VCP stands for Veronte Control Protocol. By the using VCP, it is possible to send commands to Veronte without the need of using Veronte Pipe.

    VCP is designed for those users that wish to develop their own software applications, either to use them along Veronte Pipe or even replace it completely.

    If you are interested in the use of VCP, please contact for more information.