Integration Examples

GPIO command

The following are the steps to send a GPIO command from the Veronte Autopilot 1x, receive it at Arbiter and process it, so that Arbiter carries out the command. GPIO Command is very similar to PWM command with a few exceptions.


For the reception of CAN messages, Mailboxes need to be configured accordingly.

1x PDI Builder side

  1. Go to Input/Output menu \(\rightarrow\) CAN Setup section \(\rightarrow\) Configuration tab.

    Connect a CAN GPIO remote producer to an Output filter consumer:


GPIO Command - 1x CAN Setup

CAN GPIO remote must be configured. For more information on its configuration, see 1x PDI Builder manual -> CAN Setup.


GPIO Command - 1x CAN Setup configuration

  1. Go to Automations menu. GPIO must be activated using an Output action:


GPIO Command - 1x Automation configuration

4x PDI Builder side

  1. Go to Input/Output menu \(\rightarrow\) CAN I/O section \(\rightarrow\) Configuration tab.

    Finally, connect an Input filter to a CAN GPIO consumer.


GPIO Command - CAN I/O

The Id must match the one configured in the 1x PDI Builder Output filter:


GPIO Command - Input filter configuration