Maintenance mode

The user can simply enter maintenance mode with 4x PDI Builder by clicking on the “Normal mode” button in the initial menu. Press the same button to return to “normal mode”.


Press here to enter in maintenance mode


Press here to exit from maintenance mode

Maintenance mode (loaded with errors)

The following error message may appear when trying to save a change or import a configuration.


Error message

Therefore, the arbiter will be in ‘Maintenance mode (loaded with errors)’:


To figure out the cause of the problem, the user can simply click on the PDI Error button pdi_errors, which will show what the PDI Error is. This is useful while the configuration is in progress, however, if the user encounters this situation during the operation, it is also possible to look up the cause of the PDI Error directly on the Veronte Ops Platform panel. For more information about this panel, see Platform panel section of the Veronte Ops user manual.


Error message

Then, it will be possible to modify the Arbiter configuration to fix the error.

In addition, the list of PDI Errors can be read in the List of PDI errors section of the 4x Software Manual.