4. Platform

This panel lists the linked Veronte Autopilots, either connected by radio link or directly to the laptop, summarizing important information about these platforms such as:

Morever, this menu allows to interact with the platform in Veronte Ops workspace through Platform actions.


Platform list

Platform name

The name of the unit configured in 1x PDI Builder is displayed:


Platform name

For more information on customizing the platform name, please refer to Unit name - Veronte section of 1x PDI Builder manual.


In the case of Veronte Autopilot 4x, the displayed name corresponds to the address configured in the Control menu of the 1x PDI Builder. For further details, refer to 4x Veronte - Control section of 1x PDI Builder manual.


Platform name - Veronte Autopilot 4x

Platform connection status

This menu allows the user to check the connection status of linked autopilots:

  • Not connected


    Connection status - Not connected

  • Not selected:

    Even if an Autopilot 1x is connected, until it is selected by the user, Veronte Ops will operate as if no autopilot is connected:


    Connection status - Not selected

  • Connected:

    Once Veronte Autopilot is connected and selected, Veronte Ops appears as shown in the figure below:


    Connection status - Connected

  • Disconnected:


    Connection status - Disconnected

  • Maintenance mode: By placing the mouse cursor over the warning_red icon, a message appears indicating that the autopilot is in maintence mode:


    Connection status - Maintenance mode

    It is possible to exit of maintenance mode from this menu by clicking on the warning_red icon. Then, the following confimation message will appear:


    Connection status - Exit of maintenance mode

  • Maintenance mode (loaded with errors): In this case, by placing the mouse cursor over the warning_red icon, Veronte Ops will report the ID of the PDI error and a brief description of the error.


    Connection status - Maintenance mode (loaded with errors)

Platform license

The following indicator determines that the platform has a limited operation license. This means that the aircraft is submitted to several restrictions, such as limits on the area of operation.


Platform indicator - Limited operation license

By clicking on license, the following information panel will pop up summarizing the details of the license:


Platform list - Operation License limited message

Clicking on the button “Update License in AP”, if the users have the license activated, Veronte Ops will be updated and they will be able to operate without limitation.


The License Address must match the UAV Address.

In this case, the information regarding the license changes and the padlock opens and turns green:


Platform list - Operation License updated message

However, if users do not have the license activated, they will continue to have limited operation, in which case they should contact sales@embention.com.

For more information on this operation license, see Limited Operation Firmware section of the 1x Hardware Manual.

Platform actions

Moreover, when in Veronte Ops the Autopilot 1x is displayed in any connection state other than ‘not connected’, the following actions appear in this menu:


Platform list actions

  1. Search & follow: This action searchs the platform’s position and centers it on the map.


    This action is only available when the platform is visible on the map. In addition, it is disabled when Autopilot 1x is in ‘disconnected’ state.

  2. Options


    Platform list actions - Options

    • Visible/Invisible on map: When the icon is visible, the platform icon is visible on the map, when the icon is invisible, the platform does not appear on the map.

  3. Minimize/maximize this pill: By clicking here, this ‘pill’ will be minimized/maximized.

Autopilot 4x features

When an Autopilot 4x is linked to Veronte Ops, the following extra features are available:

  • Show Platforms button: By expanding the 4x tab, each Autopilot 1x within the 4x group is displayed.


    Autopilot 4x features - Show Platforms

  • Autopilot 1x in command: The Autopilot 1x selected by the arbiter is marked with the active icon.


    Autopilot 4x features - 1x in command


    1x Selected by the arbiter’ is not equivalent of ‘1x Selected in Veronte Ops’. For further information about Autopilot 4x general functioning, refer to Control diagram - Introduction section of the 4x Hardware Manual.



    Autopilot 4x features - 1x Selected vs 1x in command

    In the image above:

    • Autopilot 1x 0: Autopilot selected by the arbiter, i.e. in command.

    • Autopilot 1x 1: Autopilot selected in Veronte Ops.