Press the feedback button to access the Feedback menu:


Feedback menu

Users can report a problem they have encountered by creating an issue in their own ‘Joint Collaboration Framework’.

The ‘Download’ button downloads a zipped folder with the current Autopilot configuration and more information needed for Embention to resolve the issue. It is advisable to attach this folder when creating the issue.

Finally, by clicking on the ‘Send’ button, a Github window will open in the browser with an issue.


The user’s ‘Joint Collaboration Framework’ is simply a own Github repository for each customer.

If the user has any questions about this Joint Collaboration Framework, please see Joint Collaboration Framework user manual or contact

Unable to start VSA

VSA can only start if the autopilot is in Normal mode.

In the main page of VSA, the autopilot mode is indicated:

  • Normal mode

  • Maintenance mode

  • Maintenance mode (loaded with errors)


Autopilot 1x mode

For further information on how to proceed to set the autopilot to Normal mode, please consult the Maintenance mode and Maintenance mode (loaded with errors) - Troubleshooting sections of the 1x PDI Builder user manual.

Communication with X-Plane does not start

The first time users run VSA with X-Plane 11, the simulation may not start. This is usually caused by a misconfiguration, please check the following settings in X-Plane:

  • In Setting \(\Rightarrow\) Network \(\Rightarrow\) UDP PORTS:

    • Use UPnP for IPv4 port forwarding: Disabled

    • Port we receive on: 49010

    • Port we receive on (legacy): 49000

    • Port we send from (legacy): 49001


    Network settings