VSA is the Veronte application to visualize an aircraft in a simulator. This application takes information from a real autopilot (1x or 4x) and sends it to the simulator in real time, such that remote pilots can visualize the aircraft and control it easier. In addition, VSA can play recorded flights, making it the perfect tool to assess previous missions.

VSA can also be employed to visualize SIL simulations, having a complete simulation environment for testing and prototyping.

VSA is designed for applications such as:

  • Remote piloting.

  • Aircraft performance assessing.

  • Simulation in full virtual environments.

VSA is employed along with:

  • Veronte Link to establish communication between the autopilot and a computer or play recorded missions. To read the user manual click here.

  • Veronte Ops to operate the autopilot during flights or simulations. To read the user manual click here.

  • Simulators

    • Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

    • X Plane 11

  • SIL to use a simulated autopilot instead of a real one. To read the user manual click here.


Applications Diagram