Quick Start

Veronte Ops is a website application for the operation and monitoring of the vehicle during the mission.

Veronte Ops includes:

  • Telecommand: Support for all synchronous operator control commands that can be sent to the flight segment, e.g. operational mode switch, mission management, payload control.

  • Mission design: Configuration of user-defined, pre-defined mapping and launch missions, as well as in-flight mission editing.

  • Operation parameters: Configuration of operation parameters, such as theirs values, positions and directions, which may vary depending on the mission and during the mission.

  • Workspace: User can get feedback on autopilot variables and status through widgets.

  • Multiple users: One or more operators can work simultaneously.

System requirements

Before executing this software, users should check the following sections with the minimum and recommended PC hardware requirements.


  • CPU: Intel Core i5-8365UE

  • RAM: 8 GB DDR4

  • STO: 256 GB SSD

Compatible browsers

The following are the functional, optional and unsupported browsers for used with Veronte Ops software:


  • Google Chrome: version 85 Q2 2020

  • Edge (Chromium): Q1 2020


  • Opera (Chromium): latest

  • Safari: version 12


  • Edge not based on Chromium

  • Firefox

First Steps

  • To access this application simply click on the following link: https://v68-vapp.embention.net/

  • Users can work with it from the browser or download it to the PC.

    • Browser


      Download Veronte Ops

    • Installed in PC


      Veronte Ops in PC


      Uninstall/Open in browse Veronte Ops

  • As it is a web application, updates will be done on their own and will appear as a changelog in the application.