4G Communication

4G Communication with Veronte Autopilot

Embention integrates its own Veronte Autopilot with a cloud service that allows the user controlling its own platform around the world with real time telemetry.

  1. Add an Autopilot to cloud

    Enter to cloud.

    Examples - Login


    Sign in or create an account to be able to access to the cloud services . From your personal space the user is able to add new Veronte Autopilots by clicking on the top right corner.

    Examples - Autopilots List

    Autopilots List

    Introduce the information required in the list and a new autopilot will show up on the previous list.

    Examples - Add new Autopilot

    Add new Autopilot

    Contact support@embention.com for further details

  2. Activate 4G Communication in Veronte Autopilot

    In order to activate 4G communications open the ‘Set up’ menu and select ‘Devices’. By default the 4G communication is disabled. Select ESIM or SIM accordingly to your set up.


    For all Veronte Autopilots with ESIM activated the following fields should be filled.

    • Host: cloud.embention.com

    • Port: 3114

    Examples - ESIM



    For Veronte Autopilots with a physical SIM card installed in Embention facilities the following parameters have to be set up:

    • Host: cloud.embention.com

    • Port: 3114

    • APN: APN given by the 4G provider.

    • PIN: PIN code of the SIM card installed. It should be defined before enabling the communication.

    Examples - SIM


  3. Add a Veronte Autopilot from cloud

    Open Veronte Pipe and Select the Cloud menu. The user will be requested to enter its own cloud account:

    Examples - cloud


    All veronte autopilots registered in Veronte Clould will appear showing the Name, Version and Last connection information.

    Examples - Cloud


    When a Veronte is ONLINE the user is able to download the information of the cloud by clicking logo1.

    Examples - ONLINE

    A new Veronte will appear in Pipe with exactly the same capabilities compared with a veronte connected by USB.

  4. Antenna Connection

    Connect the 4G antenna in 3 (SSMA connector).

    Examples - Antenna Connector

    Antenna Connector

  5. XPC UINT8 Configuration

    Check SCIA-Sara configuration match the following scheme:

    Examples - XPC Uint8

    XPC Uint8