DLL and Image paths

A common error from the log has to do with the path to the dll or image.

If this is the case, please make sure that these files are placed in the root directory of SIL (the unzipped SIL 6.8 folder).

If any of them are located in a directory other than the standard unzipped SIL 6.8 folder, it is possible to specify a different path by creating a file named “dll_config.vcfg”. This file must be in the same folder as the slx files if using Simulink or VeronteConsole.exe if using the standalone executable.

Within this file, the absolute path to the DLL and Image file must be provided as follows:

  • \dll C:\Users\user\Folder\VeronteDLL.dll

  • \image C:\Users\user\Folder\Veronte_SD_Image.img

Make sure that the path is as detailed above, it should end with the image file or the dll file, not the folder where they reside.

Hardware version change

As the hardware version will be that of the Veronte Image, if the user wishes to change the hardware version it should specify it.

For this, in the “dll_config.vcfg” file explained above, specify the hardware version by using the following command: \hwversion version.

So for example, to specify 4.8 hardware version, the command would be \hwversion 4.8.


SIL.log provides a record of any issues that have arisen during the execution process, please take a look at it if anything fails and do not hesitate to contact the support team using the Joint Collaboration Framework; for more information, please consult the JCF user manual. In case the log shows a PDI error, please refer to the List of PDI errors in the 1x Software Manual.