Veronte DLL

Veronte Autopilot 1x code. This is the code that simulates the physical 1x Autopilot firmware, i.e. it is like a ‘virtual Veronte Autopilot 1x’.

This code can be executed with Veronte Console or with Simulink blocks (hereafter referred to as SIL Simulink). In addition, Veronte DLL can also be run with other languages, such as python, for the customer’s desired use. But this would be done by the user, something similar to the Veronte Console.


Do not run simultaneously with Veronte Console and SIL Simulink, because it will not work.

Veronte Console

It is a Windows executable that allows to simulate the ‘virtual 1x Autopilot’ (VeronteDLL).

However, at present, it has the disadvantage that inputs cannot be simulated through it.