Quick Start

SIL Simulator user manual includes a basic description of how Veronte Autopilot 1x works with Veronte Console and with Simulink blocks.

SIL zip files


SIL zip files

The basic SIL package consists of the followings files:

  • code folder: Folder containing the code to access (compile) the Veronte DLL.

  • gps_time.m: A matlab function that calculates the GPS/GNSS number of weeks.

  • import_post_flight.m: A matlab script to load an external source of inertial data (IMU). It reads this information from a csv file.

  • launch_SIL_ex.m: Launches the import_post_flight.m and mex_function_example.slx files.

  • M400_sensors.csv: Example of csv file to import with import_post_flight.m.

  • Mex.m: Consists of all compiled embedded Veronte Autopilot 1x code.

    Compiles the code in .cpp contained in the code folder, and thereby creates the simulink block.

  • mex_function_example.slx: Example of the simulink block, the S-Function. This is what the customer has to modify to create his own model.

  • mex_function_example.slxc: File that simulink auto-generates from the .slx file.

  • readme.md: Readme file to know how to work with SIL Simulator.

  • reset_SIL: Script to clear mex related code in matlab to ensure a good reboot. If everything works as expected, it is executed at the end of every simulation, but it might be neccesary to execute it by hand if something goes wrong.

  • Veronte_SD_Image_SIL_2022_v6.8.zip.gdrive: Link to Google Drive to download the SIL Image.

    In case of having any problem with permission, please contact the support team (create a ticket in the customer’s Joint Collaboration Framework; for more information, see Tickets section of the JCF manual).

  • VeronteConsole.exe: Veronte Console executable file.

  • VeronteDLL.dll: File to be executed by Veronte Console or SIL Simulink.

    If this file is located in a folder other than this one, the user must create a file called “dll_config.vcfg” to specify the path. For more information on this, see Connection section of this manual.


  • SIL image: Veronte Autopilot 1x SD image downloadable from Guest FTP.

  • VeronteDLL: Dynamic Link Library containing the Veronte AP code.

  • Veronte Software Package:

    • Veronte Link (v6.8.X): Used to connect 1x Autopilot to the other tools.

    • 1x PDI Builder (v6.8.X): To build and load PDIs.

    • Veronte Ops (v6.8): Operations interface.

SIL Simulink

To perform a SIL simulation using simulink with the Veronte Autopilot 1x, the following programs and toolboxes are required in addition to the requirements described above:

  • MATLAB + Simulink (basic package).

  • The user can be helped by other simulink toolboxes when implementing their model:

    • Simulink Real-Time: This blockset contains useful blocks to be used with buses: UDP/RS232/CAN.

    • Aerospace toolbox: Contains sensor blocks, flight instruments and environment blocks.

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 (or later) as your MEX compiler. Despite .mex file is already compiled and it works as a black box, some libraries are necessary.

    1. First, get Microsoft Visual Studio from here.

    2. Follow the onscreen steps, please make sure that C++ tools are selected (they may appear as an optional item).

    3. When finished, select it as your default MEX compiler by typing in MATLAB console mex -setup c++.