Quick Start

First steps

The MC01 is connected to Veronte Autopilot, a battery and a motor according to the following diagram:


General diagram

To obtain more details about electrical connections, read the Pinout/Connections section.

Software installation and configuration is explained in the Software Installation section.


The MC01 brushless variant has stablished a maximum intensity, which can be configurated in the Heartbeat and intensity limit section in the MC01B PDI Builder manual. In case of overpassing the Maximum intensity during the stablished period, the MC01 will whut down. Do not use the MC01 to control critical motors, for example to produce propulsion or lift forces.


To use the Veronte MC01, the following items are required at least:

  • SPI enconder in the motor (from -12 to 12V).

  • Power supply (up to 24 V DC and 3 A).

  • One of the following interfaces to control the motor speed:

    • PWM

    • CAN

    • I2C

  • A 120 \(\Omega\) resistor.

  • A Veronte Autopilot.