Quick Start

Data Link connects devices with RS-232 ports to RF communications through external antennas. In addition, Data Link sends RSSI to monitorize the RF signal strength.


Connection diagram

Read the Software Installation section to configure Data Link. After that, follow the Hardware Installation section. To use the radio with other specific devices, read Integration Examples.


  • Users must not power on a Data Link without a suitable antenna or load 50\(\Omega\) connected to the SMA.


This may damage the Data Link unit.

  • The power supply must be in the following range: 6.5 - 36V.

  • The installation, removal, or maintenance of any antenna system components must be undertaken only by qualified and experienced personnel.

  • Never work on an antenna system when there is lightning in the area.


  • Power supply of 6.5 - 36V DC.

  • Computer with RS-232 connection. If it does not have RS-232 connector, an USB to RS232 converter can be employed.

  • A communication terminal (such as Kitty or Putty).

  • Antenna. Recommended antennas are listed in Operating antennas section.