Integration Examples

Veronte Autopilot 1x and Veronte BCS

An Autopilot 1x can communicate with a BCS or another Autopilot 1x. Usually, BCS are used as ground stations to control autopilots.


“Ground” stations manage remote communications with “air” stations, which are mounted in an aircraft.

A Data Link configured as “ground” sends continuosly messages to stablish connection with “air” stations, “air” stations do not send any message until they receive messages from “ground”, then they start to send and receive data each other.

To stablish communication between a Data Link and an Autopilot 1x (or a BCS), both devices require configuration. This configuration for an Autopilot 1x (or a BCS) can be read on the External Radios section from the 1x PDI Builder user manual. The Data Link is configured with AT commands (read the Software Installation section to know more). Click on the links of the following table and use the listed AT commands according to the application requirements.





Commands for ground SDL04

Commands for air SDL04


Commands for ground SDL09

Commands for air SDL09


Commands for ground SDL24

Commands for air SDL24