Quick Start

This user manual covers the mechanical and electric assembly.

The software user manual explains how to configure and use the BCS.

A Veronte-based FCS contains the following elements:

  • A Veronte Autopilot 1x installed in a vehicle to control. This autopilot executes GNC algorithms in real time in order to accomplish the planned mission and handle the payload.

  • Veronte Ops - Software dedicated to mission planning, configuration and operation. It allows the user to monitor connected UAS in real time, to interact with them and to replay previous missions for post-flight analysis.

  • A BCS or PCS linked between Veronte Ops and Veronte Autopilot 1x. They support manual and arcade modes with conventional joysticks.


  • This user manual includes references to manuals for software applications. Select your software version to read them.

  • Power out of range can cause irreversible damage to the system. Please read carefully the manual before powering the system.

  • Each I/O pin withstands a maximum current of 1.65 mA. See pinout for more information.

Basic connection for operation


Basic operation elements

The steps described below cover the basic connection of a BCS for operation:

  1. Connect the RF antenna to the LOS port:


    Basic connection - Step 1

  2. Connect the harness and power it using the power supply:


    Basic connection - Step 2

  3. Connect the harness USB to the computer and Veronte Link will detect the BCS:


    Basic connection - Step 3