BCS Software Manual


In this manual the user can consult a brief description of all the applications created and designed to work together with the BCS.

In addition, links are available to access the manuals for each of these applications.


Select your version before reading any user manual for software. The following image shows where to select a version from any Embention user manual.


Software Applications

BCS PDI Builder

BCS PDI Builder is the main configuration tool to adapt a Veronte BCS to a specific flight control system, including user-defined commnication protocols. BCS PDI Builder includes:

  • Telemetry: real-time reception of UAV metrics, such as sensors, actuators and control states.

  • Configuration: edit communication settings according to the station control requirements.

  • Automations: actions that are automatically executed when a set of configured conditions are accomplished.

  • Block Programs: BCS can be programmed with a friendly-user programming language.

For more information, visit the BCS PDI Builder user manual.

Variables and PDI errors

BCS uses the same variables and error codes of Veronte Autopilot 1x.